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...because we want you to love your work as much as we love ours!

Whether you're looking for a specific course, or are planning a programme of training and development, our aim is to make it quick and easy to find what you're looking for. You can browse our website by format (cick on one of the buttons above); by category (see below) or by topic (click here).

Productivity & Wellbeing Sales & Customer Service

we are pleased to have been able to work with organisations from a wide range sectors.Some of our previous customers have included:

Arts Council England H2 and Kelloggs H2 and the barbican centreH2 and the Bank of England H2 and British BakeriesH2 and British Car AuctionsH2 and Citibank H2 and DHL Exel H2 and HCC
H2 and Ascent Media H2 and AnsacomH2 and Network RailH2 and Southbank Centre

About H2

Wordle: H2 Training: Assertiveness Skills Career Development Communication Skills Counselling Skills  Customer Service  Dealing With Conflict  Delegation Skills  Effective Meetings  Effective Team Work  Emotional Intelligence  Evaluation and Monitoring  Influencing Skills  Interviewing Skills  Management and Supervision  Managing Change  Managing Performance  Managing Under Pressure  Managing your Manager  Minute Taking  Negotiation Skills  Performance Reviews and Appraisals  Personal Development Planning  Presentation Skills  Project Management  Report Writing  Sales Process  Sales Skills  Selling through Customer Service  Stress Management  Supporting & Developing Team Members  Team Building  Team Leadership  Telephone Skills  Time Management  Training for trainers

H2: Putting the "how to" into personal and organisational effectiveness

We have been providing specialist coaching, training and consultancy services in the field of personal and inter-personal effectiveness since 2000. H2 has become known not only for the provision of the highest quality training and development services, but also for our continuing ethical approach to business and ability to provide soft skills training that really sticks....

We have a small enthusiastic team of highly experienced and qualified coaches and trainers who are all committed to upholding H2's standards of excellent professional practice.

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Presenting H2 Training Topics

Our training and coaching services cover a wide range of personal and inter-personal effectiveness topics including:

Assertiveness Skills... Career Development... Communication Skills... Counselling Skills... Customer Service... Dealing With Conflict... Delegation Skills... Effective Meetings... Effective Team Work... Emotional Intelligence... Evaluation and Monitoring... Influencing Skills... Interviewing Skills... Management and Supervision... Managing Change... Managing Performance... Managing Under Pressure... Managing your Manager... Minute Taking... Negotiation Skills... Performance Reviews and Appraisals... Personal Development Planning... Presentation Skills... Project Management... Report Writing... Sales Process... Sales Skills... Selling through Customer Service... Stress Management... Supporting & Developing Team Members... Team Building... Team Leadership... Telephone Skills... Time Management... Training for trainers...

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